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Angler Etiquette and Ethics

02 Apr 2024 12:58 PM | Brian Martin (Administrator)

That time of the year is coming. You know what I'm talking about. The fish are getting more active and eating regularly and often. So too are the anglers (well, at least the getting more active part).

You arrived early at your favorite spot on the Owyhee and... someone else is already there. So you move on to your second choice and... same thing. Third choice... more of the same!

What a conundrum. You've driven all this way to fish and the fish are rising everywhere you look. There's also an angler behind every rock and in every good drift. What do you do?

The simple answer is to either fish less desirable water, wait for another angler to be done fishing, or head home with the plan to return another day (arrive at dark thirty to get your spot or wait until the afternoon/evening after others have gone home).

Following is information from BVFF's Conservation mission:

Boise Valley Fly Fishers Creed

  1. Take care of the fish.
  2. Respect other anglers.
  3. Leave it better than you found it.

Find more information regarding Angling Etiquette and Ethics HERE.

Be safe out there and please avoid confrontation with another angler. A fish isn't worth getting hurt over!

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