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BVFF Wet Measuring Trough

BVFF supports and promotes Catch-And-Release angling, and that is true as well when seeking to break the state records, or participating in an Angler Challenge.  Submittals to Idaho Fish & Game state records must meet certain requirements to certify your catch as a Catch & Release state record.  Commercial "Hog Troughs" are available, or you can construct one for yourself.

BVFF also has measuring troughs that can be checked out.

Some of the key elements required for building a wet measuring trough, and successfully submitting pictures taken of your catch in your measuring trough:

  • The trough should not injure the fish with any sharp edges or corners
  • It is suggested that there are two tape measures in the trough, so that the measurement is visible from various angles in the picture.
  • The end stop cap should not occlude the visibility of the nose of the fish up against the cap in the pictures taken.


    • PVC rain gutter
    • 1 PVC  gutter end cap
    • 2 vinyl tape measures.  (Can be covered with Gorilla transparent tape)
    • Cord and carabiner for attaching to belt or pack.

IDF&G Catch & Release Program

Idaho has created a separate record program for catch and release trophy fish:

  • Fish must be photographed directly next to a ruler/tape or an object of known verifiable length (such as the fishing rules booklet).
  • At least one photo of the angler with the fish.
  • At least one witness to the measurement and release.
  • Records must be broken by a minimum of ½ inch (2” for sturgeon).
  • Application must be submitted within 30 days of the catch date.
  • Full details at:
  • C&R Record for mountain whitefish is 21 inches
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