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The BVFF Cutt-Slam Challenge is part of the BVFF Education and Conservation programs.  The Challenge is an effort by BVFF to encourage members to learn more about cutthroat trout and highlight the value of species diversity in the fisheries.  Learning to value these cutthroats throughout their range is a critical first step for their conservation and recovery.

That said the Cutt-Slam Challenge is also designed to give BVFF members another reason to go fishing and to build fellowship among the members.

Those BVFF members in good standing who successfully catch four Idaho native subspecies of cutthroat trout will receive a certificate, identified on the BVFF website, and recognized for  their accomplishment.




BVFF Member to catch four Cutthroat subspecies

(Completed under legacy challenge program--  Program has been changed to Idaho Native-only cutthroat, caught in Idaho)

Ted Eisele


BVFF Native Cutthroat Slam Challenge







Catch and release four subspecies of Idaho native cutthroat trout using fly tackle and single barbless hooks.


  1. You must be a BVFF member in good standing, for each date in which the subspecies caught.
  2. The cutthroat trout must be caught from legally catchable populations.
  3. The fish must be caught on a single barbless fly, using fly fishing tackle.
  4. The fish must be photographed with minimal stress; that is, raised above the water, photographed, and then released unharmed, not photographed flopping on the bank.  (Use the Keep'em Wet method.  See for principles and tips.)
  5. All fish must be caught and posted after the BVFF challenge program start date of 5/9/2019.


When all four Idaho subspecies of cutthroat are caught, send your documentation and photographs to:

Boise Valley Fly Fishers

Attn:  Education Chair

PO Box 311

Boise, ID  83701

Entries need to be mailed to BVFF so that the postmark can be used to identify the order of arrival.  If more than one entry is mailed on the same date the BVFF board members will determine the order of arrival by flip of a coin.

BVFF Cutt-Slam Log forms and other information files are available for download here:

 BVFF ID Cutt-Slam Log Sheet & Rules MS WordPDF 
 List of Cutthroat Trout SpeciesMS WordPDF


 1   Coastal Cutthroat O.c. clarkii Oregon & Washington
 2   Bonneville Cutthroat O.c. utah Idaho, Wyoming, & Utah
 3   Lahontan Cutthroat O.c. henshawii (T) California, Nevada, Oregon, & Washington
 4   Paiute Cutthroat O.c. seleniris (T) California
 5   Snake River Fine-spotted Cutthroat O.c. behnkei Idaho & Wyoming
 6   Westslope Cutthroat O.c. lewisi Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, Oregon, & Washington
 7   Yellowstone Cutthroat O.c. bouvierii Idaho, Wyoming, & Montana
 8   Colorado River Cutthroat O.c. pleuriticus Wyoming & Utah
 9   Greenback Cutthroat O.c. stomias (T) Colorado
 10   Rio Grande Cutthroat O.c. viginalis New Mexico & Colorado

All cutthroat sub-species are of the genus/species Oncorhynchus clarkii (O.c.)


Five species of Cutthroat Trout can be found in Idaho, although only four are considered native to Idaho.  To find more information on each of the native trout, where they can be found, and some suggestions on flies to use, follow the page links.

  Bonneville Cutthroat  [1] 
  Snake Rver Fine-spotted Cutthroat
  Westslope Cutthroat
  Yellowstone Cutthroat
  Lahontan Cutthroat  [2]

[1]  Idaho F&G recognizes three native cutthroat subspecies in Idaho.  The Fine-spotted Cutthroat is often considered a subspecies of the Yellowstone Cutthroat, and native.

[2] The Lahontan Cutthroat trout is stocked in a few locations within Idaho, but is not considered a cutthroat trout native to Idaho.

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