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BVFF 18-month planning and team meeting

  • 25 May 2023
  • 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM
  • Cobby's II, 4348 Chinden Blvd, Garden City

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BVFF Outings Team

Planning for 2023 -2024

We are inviting all members and friends to join us on Thursday May 25th at 6:00 PM for a structured planning meeting to prepare the base outings plan and budget for fiscal year 2023-2024.

Where:               Coby’s II

                           4348 Chinden Blvd

                           Garden City

We have a meeting room reserved, you are encouraged to buy one of the famous Cobby Sub’s or whatever you would like or just come join us and plan our outings! This is a classic location for planning for BVFF over the 50-year history of the club.

Objective of the meeting:

  • ·       Outline the BVFF outings for the next 18 months.
  • ·       Identify the host for these outings.
  • ·       Set a baseline budget based on the proposed outing, this is due to the BOD for the June 1st meeting.
  • ·       Review the outings process and make recommendations to improve.
  • ·       Identify the process for developing “meet-ups”.
  • ·       Define the core outings team and leadership for 2023-2024.

What does the outings chair do?  AKA a job description.

  • ·       Is the “voice of member outings” to the BOD and members.
  • ·       Prepare monthly communications to promote outings.
  • ·       Ensure that outings are posted in a timely manner on the BVFF Website.
  • ·       Assist outing host to develop and deliver valued outings/meetups.
  • ·       Monitor the outings equipment and update as needed.

What the outing chair does not do!

  • ·       Does it all!  This is a team, and we need to manage the task.
  • ·       Lead all outings or meetups. We have no member host; we do not have an outing.
  • ·       Select all the locations for outings/meetups.

Hope to see you on the 25th, if you have questions, please contact Tom Old at

“See you on the Water with BVFF,” you can be part of the team that makes outings and meetups happen for our members in 2023-2024!

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