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BT's Fly Tying Friday

  • 29 Apr 2022
  • 6:00 PM
  • Zoom / FaceBook Streaming

These events are sponsored by BVFF members Al & Gretchen Beatty

The Beatty’s On The Water Session

This Friday’s presentation will be the last “scheduled” Zoom-Cast Spring 22, as the Beattys are getting ready to go fishing.  The flies they will tie are straight out of their many books (available at or Amazon) and will “fly” out of the vise and into their personal fly boxes. Yes!  These are a few of their “go-to, on-the-water” patterns that will soon see duty somewhere in Idaho, Montana, Oregon, etc.  Even though this is the last “scheduled” Zoom-Cast, the Beattys will present others throughout the summer as they find the time.  They may even share some gardening tips & tricks as the summer unfolds.

The WEEKLY TIP will be focused on ideas that can make your on-the-water experience better. How?  For example, do you ever have trouble keeping the laces on your wading boots from coming untied?  The Beattys do and will show their trick for fixing the problem.


The Beattys are inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: BT’s Fly Tying Friday, 29Apr22, 6:00P MDT, The Beatty’s On The Water Session

Time: Apr 29, 2022 6:00 PM MDT

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Any River Renegade (Gretchen)

  • Hook: Wet or dry, size 8 to 22
  • Thread: Color of choice
  • Tag: Tying thread
  • Rear Hackle: Brown
  • Body: Peacock hurl
  • Front Hackle: White (light grizzly or ginger)
  • Head: Tying thread (optional gold bead)

Comments:  We use single-strand floss when tying sizes 12 and large and thread for the smaller sizes. The color selection is based on the LaFontaine Theory of Attraction from his book The Dry Fly New Angles. The Beattys often select light grizzly or ginger in place of the white front hackle making that decision based on readily available hackle or what happens to be laying unused on their tying work stations.

Wonder Wing Caddis (Gretchen)

  • Hook: Dry fly, size 8 to 22
  • Thread: Match insect body color
  • Rib: Copper wire (fine, optional)
  • Body: Dubbing (color to match the natural insect)
  • Wing: Any feather (Wonder Wing style)
  • Hackle: Color of choice (grizzly, brown, mixed)

Comments: The Beattys tie this pattern (from the book on tying Wonder Wings) with hackle or bullet head.

Any River Nymph (Al)

  • Hook: Dry or scud, size 8 to 22
  • Thread: Color of choice
  • Tag: Antron yarn, color of choice
  • Rib: Copper wire (fine, optional)
  • Body: Choice (dubbing, peacock, ostrich)
  • Hackle: Wet style, color of choice)
  • Wing: Antron yarn (match the tag)
  • Bead Head: Color of choice
  • Collar: Tying thread

Comments: This is a “concept fly” with the tag/thread combinations based on the LaFontaine Theory of Attraction. A “concept fly” is one providing a basis on which to assemble many unique styles.

Wonder Wing Parachute (Al)

  • Hook: Dry, size 8 to 22
  • Thread: Match body/insect color
  • Tail: Hackle fibers (color of choice)
  • Rib: Copper wire (fine, optional)
  • Body: Dubbing (color to match insect)
  • Wings: Wonder Wing parachute style (color of choice)
  • Hackle: Color to match insect

Comments: Al demonstrates how to strengthen the delicate hackle fibers in the wing to support a parachute hackle. The concept will apply to many varied materials like CDC or??? Tune in to find out what “options” Al will explore.

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