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BT's Fly Tying Friday

  • 21 Jan 2022
  • 6:00 PM
  • Zoom / FaceBook Streaming

These events are sponsored by BVFF members Al & Gretchen Beatty:

Missouri Spring Creek Magic

Beatty’s Fly Tying Friday will feature a presentation by Mike Swederska on tying spring creek style flies he likes to use at Bennett Springs, a state park near his Missouri home.  Both patterns are simple to tie but very effective on the cautious trout that live there.  Our WEEKLY TIP continues with Mike’s spring-creek theme when Al ties one of our patterns using a seldom-seen body technique.  The body technique is so simple; it will probably put us out of the dubbing business!  Tune in to find out if we’ll have to schedule a “fire sale” on our dubbing inventory.  Whether we have a fire-sale or not, you can be sure the technique is well worth adding to your bag of fly-tying tricks.

Root Beer Dry Emerger

  • Hook: Dai-Riki #125, size #16 - 20
  • Thread: UTC size 170, Root Beer color
  • Ribbing: Small copper wire
  • Wing & shuck: Root Beer Krystal Flash
Chocolate Covered Cherry Parachute
  • Hook:  Dai-Riki #125, size #16 -20
  • Thread: Uni-thread Camel, size 8
  • Abdomen: Medium Holo Tinsel, red
  • Parachute post: White Z-lon
  • Hackle: Brown

Topic: BT's Fly Tying Friday - 6:00 PM Mountain

Time: Jan 21, 2022, 6:00 PM Mountain Time (adjust for your time zone)

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