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BT's Fly Tying Friday

  • 19 Nov 2021
  • 6:00 PM
  • Zoom / FaceBook Streaming

These events are sponsored by BVFF members Al & Gretchen Beatty:

Spring Creek Magic

On 19 November 2021, BT’s Fly Tying Friday offers veteran fly-tying demonstrator Sherry Steele from Sisters, Oregon who will share two excellent spring creek patterns – the Garden Drake and the Pink Tantalizer. Sherry developed the “Drake” as a variant of a spring-time Green Drake mayfly. Why the Garden reference in the name? That’s because it’s the product of Sherry’s imagination and a fly purchased many years ago by T. R. McCrystal, owner of Gen’s Gardens in Sisters, Oregon. Inspiration comes from unusual places, doesn’t it? On the other hand, the Pink Tantalizer is one of many emerger patterns from Nate Brumley at Dry Fly Innovations in Boise, Idaho. You can find information about it and many others at Visit his website, you’ll be glad you did. AND be prepared for a fun “vise trip” with Sherry Steele.

Garden Drake

  • Hook: Dry fly, size 12 to 8
  • Thread: Olive
  • Tail: Coq De Leon fibers, hackle-handle style
  • Rib: Single floss strand, light olive
  • Body: Olive dubbing
  • Wing: Mallard flank
  • Hackle: Grizzly dyed olive

Pink Tantalizer

  • Hook: Dry fly, size 20 to 14
  • Thread: Pink
  • Tail: Teal flank
  • Abdomen: Pink Cahill Superfine dubbing
  • Gill Plates: Dark ginger hackle fibers
  • Muted wings: CDC feathers, clipped short
  • Nose shuck: Tan Z-lon
  • Thorax: Pink Cahill Superfine with Shrimp Ice Dub

BT’s Tip of the Week:

We’ll continue the spring-creek theme with a tip of our own AND a surprise pattern so easy anyone can tie it! Remember, criss-cross wraps will be the name of the game all season! LOVE those criss-cross wraps!

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