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They are up... Signs are installed on the Owyhee River

September 28--  Nineteen volunteers from BVFF helped ODFW complete the Owyhee River sign project by installing the signs along the river.  Dave Banks, ODFW (Left) and Troy Pearse, BVFF.

Boise Valley Fly Fishers presented ODFW regional biologist Dave Banks (Left) and BVFF member Troy Pearse two of six signs funded by BVFF for placement along the lower Owyhee River, a popular destination for Boise Valley anglers.  The BVFF sponsored project includes five information signs, and one regulation sign, and are the culmination of a cooperative effort to design and procuce the signs.  The signs are intended to educate unknowing anglers and sports persons who inadvertently damage trout eggs and fry by wading in the trout spawning areas.  This project, launched in 2018 will complete in fall 2019 with the installation of the signs. 

The signs were unveiled, and presentation of the funding check to ODFW occurred at the BVFF annual picnic in July 2019.

We would like to thank FishPond USA, for the permitted use of their "Don't TRedd on me" logo for this campaign.

A video by Tactical Fly Fisher describes how to identify redds and the importance of avoiding them during spawning season.  This short video can be viewed HERE.

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